Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction


Brief Introduction

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    This line is the special equipment for corrugated board production.It mainly includes mill roll stan,single facer,conveyor

bridge,glue machine,double facer,slitter,cut-off,stacker,and steam(or oil)heating system and glue preparing and supplying

system.We offer corrugated lines of advanced,medium and simple level,for single wall,double wall and triple wall board

production,with speeds varying from 40 m/min to 150m/min,widths available from 1400mm to 2500mm.

Main characteristics:

◆ The type of corrugotion is UV type, widely used in the world, the paper shrinkage is low and paper quality,strength is high.

◆ Imported precision marchine tods used and latest, technology in grinding and cutting adopted, the precision of the corrugation dimension is assured to be up to national standard.

◆ The teeth of corrugated roller are middle frequeucy quenched.The top corrugated roller is drum rype, with long service life.